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Re: 600PF??

I agree with you that a 600mm f5.6 is a desirable lens that I would be interested in, provided the price did not force me to liquidate my retirement savings :-).  One of the legacy manual focus lenses that I really liked (and actually still own, gathering dust) is the 600mm f5.6 EDIF lens, which had a terrific combination of image quality and (reasonably) small size.

However, it seems that Nikon first made the 500 partly because they seem to be on a learning curve when it comes to designing and manufacturing the big PF element that is the key to the lens' light weight and small size. They cannot make them very fast and they don't seem able to increase production in response to high demand.

You undoubtedly are aware that the demand for the 500 has completely outstripped supply, that some of us already have been on a waiting list for going on six months. It might take a year or more for Nikon even to reach the point where the lens is an "in stock" item at stores, rather than the current situation where all of its lenses go to fill backorders (or NPS buyers).

A 600mm version of the PF lens will be considerably larger than a 500. I would assume it would still be hand-holdable, but it certainly won't be as portable and transportable as the 500. Once you add a 1.4x tele-extender to it, hand-holding will become a real challenge, i.e., 840mm is a lot of magnification to manage, even with a good VR system.

I do agree with you that for small birds, particularly, the 600mm focal length remains the ideal, particularly when one is using a full-frame body. But LOTS of bird photographers go with 500mm lenses, especially when they use the rig for travel. And the 200-500mm lens has been a big seller and a success for Nikon. Clearly, Nikon manufacturing the 500mm lens prior to the 600 is a little disappointing to some, but it is hard to argue that it has been a marketing failure. They literally cannot make enough lenses to satisfy the demand.

Doug Greenberg, Berkeley, CA

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