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Re: 600PF??

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When I told him I intended to stop on my way home and order one, he told me he had it on good authority that Nikon would be releasing the 600PF this summer. Such a lens would make a lot more sense for me given I already own the 500FL. Anybody have any info on this new lens?

I would love to see a 600mm PF. In my opinion it would have been a much better choice for many than the 500mm. However, Nikon let me down there.........

I doubt that there is one in the pipeline any time soon if ever. It would kill the 500mm f5.6 PF, that is my opinion. Why? Way more bird photographers and wildlife photographers would chose a 600mm f5.6 over the 500mm. The latter is often not long enough for birders, especially not on a 35mm FF body. So a 1.4x converter would need to be used to get a 700mm f8 lens. F8 seriously restricts the usability of a long telephoto, it needs good light, it needs a fast shutter speed. So you really have to crank up ISO to get it working.

Now, a 600mm f5.6 is a much more lucrative lens. That f5.6 is only one stop down from its exotic sister and although it is only 100mm longer than the 500mm it is still a good gain. I use the Tamron 150-600mm G2 as my light birding lens, it is quite good. However, I would rather opt for a fixed f5.6 aperture in a light prime, it vlikely bwould focus even faster than the Tamron, which is not too bad at all.

Combining a 600mm PF with a Nikon D500 would make a light and far reaching birding combo. F5.6 would still give a very pleasant bokeh on a 600mm lens which is also a plus when one is after tiny birds in dense shrubbery.

I often thought about why Nikon did not make the 600mm PF instead of the 500mm one. I have had this kinky theory that they might have thought that such lens would be jeopardizing the sale of bot of their 500mm and 600mm F4 FL lenses. One would say that it is only one stop less than the 500mm but 100 mm longer and way less money. Another would say that it is only one stop less than the 600mm FL but hey, it is way-way less money.

Best, AIK

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