Capture One Pro Styles - Should you buy?

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Did you ask for a refund for the 'Styles'? If so, did C1 refund you?

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I posted this in the Open Forum before realising this forum existed (the DPR Forums are so out of date and need a total revamp, but that's another issue).

Late last year I shelled out over £200 for the complete bundle of Capture One Styles. I had read some reviews online that were generally positive and the marketing images looked excellent.

I am posting this for the benefit of other would-be purchasers in case they also search for Capture One Pro Styles reviews and comments: do yourself a massive favour AND DON'T BUY THEM!

I have had post-purchase dissonance in the past and the good news is that if you spend a lot of money on something and really don't like it, you can always try and re-sell it to recover some money. Well, I have never felt more disappointed about a relatively expensive purchase especially one that it is not possible to on-sell.

The Styles are generally horrible - I would say 90% simply overexpose the image and 50% add horrible grain. Maybe one or two actually enhance the photo, but with a bit of tweaking in C1P or Photoshop I could have attained the same in not a lot of time. There are also close to 100 of them when you buy all the packs so it takes a LONG time to scroll through each (and dismiss them as ugly). The worst thing is that they are ALL indistinguishable - most of them all look exactly the same. And the b/w ones aren't particularly nice either

I think I was expecting miracles, and the marketing images looked so impressive, but the Styles are just not worth it, certainly not at the discounted price of £200 let alone the full price.

Capture One Pro is an impressive piece of software that has a steep learning curve, but do yourself a favour and save the money you would spend on the Styles - just download the free set and leave it at that.

Thx for sharing your feedback, as contemplating myself to move to C1 and was questioning if I should go for the C1 software only or C1 software + Styles pack..


  • Did you ask for a refund for the 'Styles'?
  • If so, did C1 refund you?
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