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Re: GR vs GR II vs GR III - Corrections

teemodk wrote:

You are not alone with that hope. I would like to, most of the time, turn off touch screen and focus with a button.

I can not agree with this enough. I shoot my GR II almost exclusively in manual focus with a back button assigned to AFC, which I use to quickly update the zone focus distance when shooting on the street.

A touch screen is useless for this when shooting one handed. On our Olympus cameras we leave the touch screen disabled because it is far far to easy to accidentally graze the screen and trigger something by accident.

The current Apple MacBookPros have the same exactly the same ergonomic problem with their Touch Bar. The solution would be to have some pressure sensitivity in the screen together with haptic feedback - but somehow I doubt that is coming any time soon.

I really want to like the GR III because my GR II will not last forever. However, I hope that the reduction in physical controls is not the problem that it at first seems.
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