E-M1X - for sport photography - what lenses?

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Re: E-M1X - for sport photography - what lenses?

For indoor gymnasium sports like volleyball and basketball I use the panasonic nocticron 42 f1.2 and the olympus 75 f1.8. I've used the olympus 40 f1.8 and the olympus 40-150 f2.8 but the 40 is not as sharp as the nocticron and the 2.8 requires a higher iso due to the high shutter speeds I use to capture the action. Even with the nocticron at f1.2 the focus must be spot on to get good quality shots under indoor lighting due to the higher isos involved.

I also would like some faster f1.8 or faster zooms for the gym. Even field sports played under the lights at night would benefit from lens much faster than whats available now. Adapted lenses don't have the autofocus performance that I require for shooting action sports. Physical size of the lens is not a major factor for me. If larger is required for faster lens I'm all for it!

I'm curious how the olympus 75 f1.8 can be so small and yet the 150 f2.0 is so large and heavy.



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