HD PENTAX- DA*11-18mm on K5lls

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Re: HD PENTAX- DA*11-18mm on K5lls

Alex Sarbu wrote:

The Fuji 8-11 f/2.8 - wider and longer, thus not quite apples-to-apples but at least it's an APS-C lens - was announced for $2000. That's $600 more than the Pentax.

If you can find a better match - you will find out they're all pricey. There's only two choices, folks: either make the high-end lens and it will be pricey, or don't make it.

and you should think before you develop such a lens whether there is a market for such a lens.

The price will eventually settle to a lower value. But it can't do that if the product doesn't exist

  • I don't need this lens, but I like to own fine equipment. Let's see what the Pentax dslr stork brings....

Same here (I've gone FF, so...)


This shows that most of the enthusiast moved away from Pentax APS-C, so customers for a high end Pentax-only  APS-C-lens are too rare to pay back the lens development costs.

This lens is years too late, and today somehow useless.

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