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Re: 600PF??

kayaker353 wrote:

I hope they move on this soon, or announce that they are cancelling their earlier announcement that they are developing such a lens. It was pre-announced before the 500PF.

That was not the case. Nikon has never (pre) announced any intention to produce any 600mm/f5.6 PF lens. All Nikon has are patents for the design of three f5.6 PF lenses: 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm.

On June 14, 2018, Nikon announced the development of the 500mm/f5.6 PF, i.e. a pre-announcement: https://www.nikon.com/news/2018/0614_lens_01.htm

Typically such pre-announcement is followed by the formal product introduction with detail specs and pricing within 2, 3 months. And the formal announcement was on August 23, 2018, along with the mirrorless Z system: https://www.nikon.com/news/2018/0823_nikkor-f_01.htm

In other words, it was a bit over 2 months from pre-announcement to actual announcement.

Other than the Nikon 300mm/f4 PF and 500mm/f5.6 PF, all other Nikon PF lenses are merely rumors and speculations. And of course, prior to June 14, 2018, the  rumor sites were predicting a 600mm/f5.6 PF instead of the actual 500mm.

Finally, Nikon tends to file a lot of patents. Only a fraction of those turns into actual products.

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