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Re: 600 PF??

shuncheung wrote:

chambeshi wrote:


"....Update: coincidentally a new batch of the 500mm f/5.6 lenses just started shipping in the US two days ago.

  • The lens is fully hand-assembled (“hand-made”) and because the China factory producing them has only a limited number of staff with the necessary training and/or skill to produce them.
  • The Phase Fresnel element is “tricky and time-consuming” to produce, consequently, this is the bottleneck in the process.
  • Nikon is experiencing production delays due to inconsistencies in the glass used to make the lens elements. Evidently, the glass problems are affecting several other lenses produced in China as well but I don't know exactly which ones. No timetable was given as to when the issue would be resolved. Supposedly they were talks about sourcing glass from the Sendai plant and assembling the lens in China or even moving production to the Sendai plant.

Read more: https://nikonrumors.com/2019/01/29/where-is-the-nikon-af-s-nikkor-500mm-f-5-6e-pf-ed-vr-lens.aspx/#ixzz5eOOpzJZ2"

chambeshi, no offense,

No problem...

but I would take whatever posted to Nikon Rumors with a grain of salt. In particular, before those bullet points your quoted, they specify:

Yes I hear you. The appellation of "Rumors" speaks for itself. but Peter gets a great deal correct I also appreciate the feed for new accessories and discounts etc

There must be some light ie explication in the smoke...perhaps Nikon did indeed underestimate demand for a 500 PF, which has attracted widespread interest.

Nevertheless, it's also a bit strange to see the lapse in registering the patent early 2018, and 500 mid 2018 (since 2015 release of the successful 300 PF) . Challenges in mass producing the PF element are the likely reason. This might include precision assembly including calibration and testing etc. Who knows, it's all speculation.

Speaking form nearly 4 months experience with the first 500 PF landed in S Africa, this telephoto is well worth the expenditure - in fact, all considered with haptics and IQ it is a bargain at the price. I say this shooting it alongside the 200 f2G and 400 f2.8E FL

"Here are the possible reasons I received from sources on why this lens is still not available"

Those are merely "possible reasons" and who knows what their sources are and how reliable they may be.

Yes, Rumours

Back in December, when we were talking about the 500mm PF, a Nikon rep in California did tell me that it takes 7 months to manufacture that PF element, and that is why delivery has been slow. I have no idea whether he might have exaggerated a bit or not.

Phew! Hard to believe but if it is true....

Any PF element for a possible 600mm PF is going to be larger and even more difficult to manufacture. But as I mentioned in my earlier post, I think a 600mm PF will be difficult to hand hold and Nikon's emphasis is shifting to the Z mount. What is holding up Nikon's Z system is the selection of native Z-mount lenses. Sony has a head start and now Canon, Panasonic and Nikon are racing to catch up. Nikon simply cannot afford to fall behind.

This interview gives some insights into the R&D behind the 300 PF, and the trade offs:

".... Hayakawa: As you said, the body will inevitably grow and become expensive if it is over 400 mm, so we first considered the focal length that makes the best use of the merits of miniaturization. PF lenses can be expected to have some miniaturization effect in any focal range, but lenses of wide angle and standard range do not give much effect as dimensions even if the ratio of miniaturization is the same.

So first I thought about adopting with a telephoto lens. Among them, I thought that if the specification of 300 mm F 4 is specified, the merit of miniaturization is great, and we can realize the price that we can pick up for general customers as well."

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