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Re: Put me on the waiting list! 😄

Peter from Nikon Rumors does not always have it right, but his record is remarkably good overall. Certainly something is delaying the completion and shipment of 500mm 5.6 PF lenses, and the complications of the manufacturing process are a likely culprit.

That said, I have no scientific evidence to offer, but based on informal "buzz," there is more consumer interest in a 600mm f5.6 PF than in a 400mm f4 PF. There are all kinds of ways to get to 400mm in a lightweight package these days, and at the same time, the allure of 600mm as an ideal focal length for bird photography remains strong. The size difference between a 600mm f5.6 PF and a 600mm f4 will undoubtedly be considerable. Even if a 600 f5.6 is not ideally hand-holdable, it will be smaller, lighter, more transportable, and immanently more practical for say, traveling bird photographers than is a 600mm f4. And the price will be lower, it is safe to say. The loss of the f stop is not unimportant, both in terms of those extra opportunities in low light and the ability to isolate targets against a blurred background. But let's face it: we operate comfortably at much higher ISO levels than we did even a few years ago. Provided that autofocus is adequately fast and accurate, an f5.6 supertele is quite attractive, and at 850mm f8 (with a 1.4x telextender) the lens would remain quite usable.

That said, I think it will be a few years before 1) the lens is even announced; and 2) the manufacturing process for this type of lens is up to speed so the inevitable high demand can be met. But hey, if they are taking orders years in advance, count me in!

Doug Greenberg, Berkeley, CA

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