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Put me on the waiting list! πŸ˜„

Paddler213 wrote:

So, with all the hype about the 500PF, I was going to put my name on the waiting list for one. I already own the 500FL, but the PF version would be a big help for shooting from my canoe, in a layout blind, etc. I met up with an NPS member today to lay hands on his 500PF. He had it on a D5, so it was quite back heavy. But I liked the weight and it's clear that it would be better in tough conditions than the 500FL. When I told him I intended to stop on my way home and order one, he told me he had it on good authority that Nikon would be releasing the 600PF this summer. Such a lens would make a lot more sense for me given I already own the 500FL. Anybody have any info on this new lens?

Don’t know anything about potential availability, but I’d be very interested!  Already have 200-500 and an old 500 f4. Passing on the 500 PF, at least for now.  Need more reach!  Not holding my breath, though, that Nikon will offer a 600 f5.6. And if they do, no telling how long it would take to get hold of one!


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