S1/S1r - Panasonic sensors?

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Re: S1/S1r - Panasonic sensors?

Steen Bay wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

"The S1 and S1R use what Panasonic claims are newly designed full-frame sensors, with resolutions of 24.2 and 47.3 Megapixels, respectively. The S1R's sensor in particular has been designed to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio by using aspherical microlenses, a 'waveguide' to direct light into the pixel and deep photodiodes to more efficiently capture light. This sets it apart from the BSI approach (that puts the photosensitive area nearer the chip surface) used in the high-res cameras from Sony and Nikon."


Doesn't sound like Sony sensors, at least not the 47mp S1r sensor. Made by Panasonic? Will be interesting to see how they perform/compare.

PS - Reply from Richard Butler to a question about the sensor manufacturer :

"No info yet (we may never know for sure). The 47MP isn't the Sony though, that's pretty clear. I'm sure we'll see the name TowerJazz thrown around a lot, since they co-own Panasonic's sensor business (as the joint-venture TPSCo), but although it's a definite possibility, it's speculation for now, so far as I know."

That’s interesting. If I recall, towerjazz (which is owned in large part by panasonic) designed the Leica Sl sensor, which was built by stmicro. Blaming this one on age!

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