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Re: 600PF??

Paddler213 wrote:

When I told him I intended to stop on my way home and order one, he told me he had it on good authority that Nikon would be releasing the 600PF this summer. Such a lens would make a lot more sense for me given I already own the 500FL. Anybody have any info on this new lens?

First of all, I have absolutely no Nikon insider information about up-coming F-mount lenses, but given that there is clearly high demand on the 500mm PF, I kind of doubt that Nikon will introduce a 600mm PF on top of it. A lot of the potential customers for the 600 must already have the 500. Very few people would need, and are willing to pay for, both.

Typically it is fruitless to speculate on what Nikon will introduce in the future (unless Nikon supplies a future road map, as in the case of the Z lenses). Since 2010 or so there were endless speculations for a D400 for years and nothing happened, and when people had given up on that idea, a D500 popped up all of a sudden in 2016. If that person claims to have insider info, you should ask for his/her source and judge for yourself how reliable that info is.

Additionally, a 500mm PF is going to be easier to hand hold than a 600. Any 600mm f5.6 lens will have a 107mm front element; it is going to be quite a bit bigger than the 89mm front for a 500mm f5.6 lens. 600mm has more magnification and it is going to be harder to follow any moving target such as birds in flight with a 600mm without a tripod and gimbal head.

Finally, I think Nikon's future emphasis will be Z-mount lenses. I wouldn't expect them to introduce very many F-mount lenses in the future any more. I bought my first Nikon lens way back in 1977, some 42 years ago, and I think I may have purchased my last F-mount lens, which happens to be the 500mm/f5.6 PF.

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