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[Re: X-T30] What are your predictions/wishes?

If Fuji brings the X-T30 to market with USB-C charging, I am pretty sure it will be the first compact body under $1000 to have that feature (the Ricoh GRIII reportedly will have USB-C charging as well).

For a few years I had my phone, travel laptop, and cameras all charging via micro-USB.  You could not beat this setup for convenience, compatibility, and integration when traveling (plus the ease of replacement was excellent, as even gas stations had micro-USB cables if you broke or lost one).

Phones and ultra-portable laptops have moved on to USB-C, but consumer cameras (re: entry level) have yet to catch up.  It's on the X-T3, so I hope this feature trickles down to the X-T30 (and X-E4 if/when they release it).  As people become lazy, and just use their phones for quick shots/documentation, I'm surprised more companies do not work the convenience and compatibility angles more when marketing/designing cameras.  Changing over to USB-C seems like it would/should be easy.

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