A6500 screen brightness in video mode

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You didn't do even do a basic pros/cons research before buying an expensive camera

Jeff11 wrote:

Thanks... I now see reference to this in other posts... wow.

Of course there are hundreds of references to the LCD dimming, on dpr, Google, YouTube, you name it.

not sure how I missed them before I bought this.

Because you didn't do a basic search "pros/cons of a6500"  before buying. Especially in 2019 there are other options out there that are as good or better.

That would have been a deal breaker. I video outdoor games with my kids all the time and watching through the viewfinder is ridiculous... I hope Sony provides an option for people in a future firmware update... Unless the camera just can't supply enough power for 4K and bright screen at the same time...

A6300 had overheating issues if you use it continuously for half hour. A6500 doesnt unless you push it big time, like continuous 4k recording of weddings at 200deg celcius temperature.

the more I use this, the more it seems like a half-assed 4K implementation.

Nope, half assed is your attempt to research about your camera you bought.

Can't even do non-cropped sensor 4K at 30p.

Mate, a6500 came out years ago and lots of pros and amateurs alike have created some amazing content with this camera. Just do a basic YouTube search for "a6500 4k" or "a6500 cinematic" etc.

Maybe you are blaming the tool because you are lacking skill(maybe editing?)  and do not want to put in the time to learn how the tool works.

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