Lumix G9: Any solution to video CAF problems?

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Re: Lumix G9: Any solution to video CAF problems?

Kawika Nui wrote:

Recently got a G9 and have been playing with it to get used to it and see how it performs.

I was surprised and disappointed to find major deficiencies with the video CAF (shooting mp4, 1080/60p). In a very simple shooting environment, the camera kept defocusing and refocusing for no reason. There is almost no movement toward or away from the camera, and the distance is close to infinity anyway. The video starts in focus, then arbitrarily moves out of focus and back a couple of times - all in a very short time.

Does anyone have a suggestion for fixing this?

Check version your camera to update. Use only panasonic lenses to get dfd optimized.

Use fast lenses, zoom 2.8 or prime 1.7 below.

Avoid low light poor light situation.

Do use shoot pervy, it will be fast focus 🤣🤣🤣kidding

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