Contax / Yashica 35mm PC lens on Sony E full frame?

Started Jan 27, 2019 | Discussions thread
Rol Lei Nut Veteran Member • Posts: 5,155
Re: Contax / Yashica 35mm PC lens on Sony E full frame?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

Has anyone used this combo and if so what adapter did you use?

Is is possible to get the Leitax conversion so that no adapter is needed or does that only work for sony A mount because of the distance needed ?

Many Thanks

Haven't used that one, but other classic 35mm PC lenses (Canon FD, Arsat) have worked fine on my A7 & A7RII.

Use a Contax-Yashica to Sony FE adapter. In this case, maybe avoid ones which are described only as CY=> NEX, since they could have narrower throats. If there are pictures of the adapter, make sure it really looks like a thin walled tube. Also, get a decent one which doesn't have smooth, shiny inner walls: K&F Concept are usually good inexpensive ones, Novoflex if you can afford it.

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