Lumix G9: Any solution to video CAF problems?

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Adrian Tung wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

Adrian Tung wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

I didn't know there was an option for anything else except CAF when shooting video. I always shoot with the lever set to AFS but in video mode the camera always shoots CAF.

You can turn off video CAF (menu, video tab, page 1/4, Continuous AF) and use the touchscreen to refocus only when necessary.

Thanks for the tip. I may have to modify my aversion to using the touchscreen (too easy to touch it by mistake - I'm a VF shooter.)

I believe half-pressing the shutter release button also works if you don't want to mess with the touch controls, and with the shutter release button you can set the AF dial to AFS or AFC depending on preference.

edit: No, I just tested, while recording video the G9 ignores AFC dial and you have to release and re-half-press the shutter button to refocus.

Thanks for doing the testing.  Are you in Video mode (on the dial) and using the shutter button to shoot?  Or are you using the video button to shoot?

I've tried using the shutter button to get the focus back and it works, but obviously it would be preferable to not lose focus in the first place.

I tested video again today, this time using the "custom" focus (a sort of diamond-shaped pattern of AF points).   (I had previously used the "Center area" AF).  Changing to "custom" didn't solve the problem; in fact in some cases it was worse if the camera got interested in something at the edge of the AF pattern.

I'm finding this very disappointing since I've had many different Panasonic cameras over the past years (GH3, GX6, GX7, GX85; FZ150, FZ300, ZS50, etc.) and NONE of them have been like this.  Yes, there has been the occasional slight blur (quickly corrected) but not this back and forth from focus to slightly OoF.

I'm starting to think I got a defective unit; I may have to send it back.

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