SONY A99 II in 2019... it makes sense? Just got mine...

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Re: SONY A99 II in 2019... it makes sense? Just got mine...

lhkjacky wrote:

sev7en wrote:

No at all. I am wondering the reason SONY never supported that camera for the software/firmware updates.

Did you know why? It is, its was... a flagship.

I can think of a few reasons:

  1. There is no bugs, so need to fix.
  2. The camera meet the specification. Not perfect but it is designed that way.
  3. Some issue may cause by faulty component, can't fix by firmware.
  4. There are some minor bugs, but not enough number of users report to Sony to get their attention.
  5. There are just too little feedback from A-mount users, development team in Japan may not even know any problem from the camera.

Thanks and yes... it is a right view with the big disappointment of what no-future that camera as if we have to adopt the adapters to get new lens.

today I was not able to resist I got it!

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