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If the references here are to the HP Z series I can add a bit.

HP is targeting high volume printing and not one offs. The new Z printers have improved accounting and remote printing capabilities over the last Z3200 already complete package. Figuring out costs is as easy as plugging in costs of inks and paper, and it is calculated on the actual print.

HP and Canon have similar heads both thermal heads. HP has the advantage of user replaceable duo colour heads, which are relatively inexpensive ( same cost as a cartridge of ink). Both Canon and HP clog less, but do when not used. I find with the new Z9, they clog much more often than previously. Cleaning cycles are programmed automatically, and as before the printer turns on runs a nozzle firing checks for ink flow then goes back to sleep.

Dye printers are not recommended. Spraying prints is a pain, again if possible avoid it. HP have a gloss optimiser option ( before it was standard). It is their best way of handling  gloss differential on satin and glossy surfaces to reduce the visual effect of differences in brilliance on various ink colours/combinations and non printed adjacent areas.

There are tricks for Epson of printing a slight grey over print.

All printers will need service of some sort. What made HP users very frustrated or angry was the need to replace the drive belt after 4 or 5 years. For a cheap belt the entire printer has to be taken apart. On top of that only a technician can fully reset the parameters so it is more than just a rubber drive belt. Hard drives again cheap little parts, are proprietary parts and almost impossible to replace.

A home unit may last many years without service. When you do, it is a major problem. Old printers are just not worth it. Service contrats are there for those printing a lot. So cost of ownership is indeed quite high.

I just bought two rolls of canvas, I'll have to try that. When you have your own printer new doors open albeit the low production I do could not justify the costs. In Paris one of the biggest labs has the same printer and they offer almost every good art paper for prices that are around cost of ink and paper.

Anyway if anyone has questions about the Z9 I can try to answer.

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