Not Bothering To Learn Photography

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Not Bothering To Learn Photography

Why is it that so many people who want to take better photos think that a new camera will solve all of their problems?

I'm obviously not saying anything new by repeating the mantra "it's the photographer, not the equipment", yet so many people fail to appreciate this point.

Case in point, a friend of mine a few years ago would constantly tell me how much he loved my photos and what camera I used. Soon after, he bought the same camera I was using, the Fujifilm X100S. Long story short, his photos didn't get better.

He kept asking me how I was getting great photos that he couldn't get, often in situations where we were shooting at the same event, and I kept telling him that he had to spend some time learning how to use the camera, and to 'get out of auto'. He didn't and kept wondering why his photos weren't as good as mine.

A few years later, he bought himself a Sony A7R II, which is now his primary driver. Of course he shoots in auto with the kit lens, and of course he still wonders why his photos aren't as good as mine. Again, I told him the same thing, and he still doesn't listen.

This isn't unusual though. Even though people are told they need to learn a bit about photography, they still convince themselves it's the camera that's the issue and often drop thousands of $ into equipment that's well beyond what they 'need' from a technical standpoint to get shots that will be suitable for their purposes (online only, social media and blogs).

Frustrating! #rantover

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