The EM1x looks pretty damned good to me

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The EM1x looks pretty damned good to me

You might agree or disagree and I welcome you to share your reasons. I won't argue with them so make them about YOU, not about "photographers" or "people" just you, your use case and why it either meets expectations or doesn't.

So, if this camera worth $3000 to me? I run a design agency and have my own studio where I shoot commercial photography for businesses. So will this work for me?  It could, with  few clarifications:

1. It brings LOG, 4k60p and 120FPS in 1080, this might be worth the $3k alone. As video budgets grow having high quality hybrids is great. I have always strayed away from Panasonic because of the lack of IBIS. As our studio does more video I have been looking at the BMPCC4K (no IBIS and my lenses are not stabilized), the GH5 (IBIS and great video but entirely new menu system and workflow) and the GH5s (no IBIS, great quality). The step up in video on this camera alone is great if the profies and colour are a good match to the EM1.2 and the IBIS is rock solid.

2. Hand Held High Res. I have been using standard Hand Held since the EM5.2 release and it has been a studio shooting dream. I have used it for Product, Product in lifestyle settings, Interior, Architecture and Food photography. The EM1.2 was a step up and now we might have an effective hand held version. I have 2 areas this would be great, portraits is the first. Subjects dont really move much, but also product from awkward angles. I often end up up ladders taking pictures, this expands every current use, but makes it more flexible as well as portraits etc.

3. Wifi Tether. I work in a studio, the fewer things to knock down, the fewer cables the better. Having a client at a table viewing the shoot with no crowding around the camera, cables running or cards in and out is very useful.

4. Improved AF. I have a couple of hopes here, that the AF box is smaller and more sensitive, and it is improved in lower light levels. again these are two very useful improvements, especially if they are both video and stills improvements.

Everything else for me is a bit of a "nice to have". If the EM1.2 get a FW up date with log, but no 120fps I might buy a second EM1.2 but having used the 180fps on the G9 I know how easy it can be to get great looks shots for commercial use.

So will I pre-order, it mostly pivots on how good the video and hand held high res is. For me, getting great video with Olympus IBIS, colours that easily grade with my other cameras and an expansion to use envelope, $3k is nothing.

What about YOU, don't speak for everyone, don't speak about "how well it will sell" speak to why it works or doesn't work for your use case.

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