Nikon V1 - dying? Corrupt NEF Files on 2 Cards

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Re: Nikon V1 - dying? Corrupt NEF Files on 2 Cards

day_pass wrote:

marc petzold wrote:

day_pass wrote:

In view of what you have posted, and the advice you have gained here maybe it might be worth thinking about getting a used V1 - I think they are brilliant cameras - and a nice used one is still about 100 GBP in the UK. You can resell it for the same ( less auction fees ) anyway.


just a thought: can you try ( in the house ) recording movies for a few hours - just to see if that might 'warm' up the processing engine and then try NEFF stills. See if there is any improvement at all. If not - then plan B

Hi Richard, i never do "movies", so i have put my V1 into a bag of rice, and see how it'll go, would buy a new sd card, and try it again. I must say, i do really liked my V1 very much, especially with the Richard Franiec Grip, which is being attached since Day 1.

I do think, perhaps it was being out w/me a bit too much into the fog/mist....but all my DSLRs never had issues with that - even snow, and my V1 never became being wet, because of that....and my DSLRs aren't being weathersealed, anyway.


hi Marc

rice sounds like like a good idea as a cheap desiccant. you may well be right that some moisture's got in there.

i wasn't suggesting going into video production - just exercise the electronics for as long as you've got patience to keep swapping batteries or formatting the card - i. e . just point it at a wall or something and switch it on to video.

you could try disassembling it / i do that occasionally with electronic stuff that's gone belly up just to stare at it and see if there's anything obvious like a dry joint / waggle any cable - ribbon cable etc. i have to say that my overall success rate with this is zero - probably because i'm no electronics engineer.

good luck with your V1 - i hope you can get it working again.


Hi Richard,

i do know, exactly that your itention was to check the V1 ino that term. Some decades ago, when i was a teenager, i etched my own pcbs, mostly for class-a and headphone amplifiers, and for the fun & joy building such devices.

Well, i do will see, how my V1 would maybe recover from this moisture issue, and/or working, or being failed again.


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