Red filters and white balance

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Re: Red filters and white balance

Thrawn777 wrote:

Red filters kinda needs to be tuned to each camera model. So its not that simple...

I know that the curved plastic filter off the SRP Blurfix won't fit inside a Meikon Sony RX100 mkI case. Its too thick . The 67mm filters won't fit inside an RX100 case for sure because its too wide.. unless you trim the glass out. The film type filters like Magic Filter would definitely fit. The thing with RX100 is that the small sensor means its more noise sensitive at depth (low light). Not sure if filters would work well with it .

The Meikon wet dome is pretty good. You can get a bit of glare with it at certain angles. I have had heaps of decent footage with it over the years. It scratches pretty easily and i tried to buff one out with a Micro Mesh kit and it ended up ruining the whole dome. The replacement dome section is pretty cheap anyway. I do think the new 6" dry dome is noticeably better.

Back when i used the wet dome and Camdive 67mm filter, I jump in the water with everything attached.. Then have to remove them underwater individually and put it back together. The problem with this is that pressure differential can easily make the filter get stuck, particularly against the camera case. Thats how I broke the Camdive filter mid-trip.. it got completely stuck (half filled with water). And when I tried to puncture a hole in it to relieve pressure.. I ended up breaking the whole glass.

More brilliant advice, thank you.

What also concerns me is, if I put a filter internally and it turns out to be crap I am stuffed till the end of the dive as there is no way to swap it out. I suppose that's the importance of going on some test dives before going on dives where I definitely want to film.

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