Switch Away From Raster-Based Photography—When?

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wings wrote:

I also detect a hint of Adobe Illustrator vector representations in the framing of the OP.

Indeed. It is the only vector-based system I've ever used and it is a huge pain to do even 3 or 4 color vectoring of a photograph in Illustrator.

An unending stream of money would pour down on the inventor of a circuit  that could be inserted between camera and laptop to transform raw files into something usable by Illustrator.

As to the question about using the vector metaphor rather than the pixel metaphor, it would provide infinite  enlargeability  and make colors infinitely malleable. It would also finally take photography out from under the shadow of the truly continuous tone arts like painting, engraving, and sculpture.

In addition—based on no knowledge whatsoever—it seems to me that using a more vector-like mode might make it easier to bring a little three-dimensionality to photographs—build up layers of pigment to produce higher and lower areas of the printed pictures and enhance the illusion of reality.

And yes, paint and ink are made of tiny pigment particles suspended in a medium, but one assumes we'll eventually reach a limit on pixel size that will fall short of what we need to stand on equal footing with our canvas and paper brethren.

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