Mount diameter BS answered - Part 2

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Mount diameter BS answered - Part 2

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Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Take it easy Den you are starting to get a bit unnecessarily insulting there. I see what I see not what someone tells me what I see. I see a gain here from the examples already on the market.

The original thread was about claiming there are no benefits to the wider mount - that's all. So yes the various lenses and sensors are different but the point remains if a lens can be made with superior corner performance and as a result (presumably) of the mount being larger allowing greater optical engineering freedom then there is a clear benefit. Weight, size, cost are irrelevant to that. Its whether it can make a difference or not.

Cost is not relevant. The lower MP sensor in the EOS R only makes the case more compelling against the higher res 42.4 as higher MP sensors score higher on the same lens than a lower mp sensor.

Whether Sony can work around this and make excellent lenses is not in question. They have many. But could it be easier for them if the mount were wider is the question?
Sony is obviously trying to negate the marketing gain from these new mounts.

This is very similar to Fuji claiming they can't put IBIS on their XT cameras because the opening is too small - yet they managed it on their XH-1 and also Sony has it working on their small opening APSc cameras. So if nothing else there is a gain from a larger mount - it gives IBIS more room to work.


Astrophotographer 10,

You compared the $3600 Aud Canon RF 50mm f1.2 to the $398 Aud Sony FE 50mm f1.8, which again, is a ridiculous and unfair comparison.

Cost is relevant because it represents the development and material costs invested by the manufacturer to produce the product.

You also unfairly compared the sharpness scores from Canon's 30mp sensor to Sony's

42mp sensor, which again, OpticaLimits state is not comparable:

If you feel insulted from my response, maybe you should post fair comparisons to avoid feeling insulted from negative responses.


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