Leica Q worth it still? not trolling, seriously wondering

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the depreciation fallacy

dacms wrote:

freediverx wrote:

That same argument could be made for virtually any product. When you buy new, you're paying an extra premium which can be avoided by buying the product pre-owned in great condition.

In fact, though, the truth is that due to Leica's brand strength, their cameras retain far better resale value than those of any Japanese manufacturer. So as a long term investment, Leicas are easily the better choice since they will generate more money upon resale.

Price of a new Leica M10 is around $7,500. After 4 years it will be worth at most $3,000. That is a loss of $4,500 in 4 years.

A Nikon D800 cost $3,200 new. On the used market you can get around 1,000. Loss of $2,200.

How is a Leica a good long term investment?

I own a Leica M10-P not for the resale value but because I like using it. I bought it new a couple of months ago for 8,000. I just checked MPB.com to see how much they would pay me for the camera. Their offer was $4,500.

Leica digital cameras do not retain their value like in the days of film.

My Leica M6 is now worth close to the price that it originally sold for.

It does cost more money to own digital Leicas than almost any other brand.

You're absolutely right.

The reason some people call a Leica camera "a good investment" is because they usually depreciate LESS than other brands do. And while this is absolutely true, it doesn't mean you lose less money since the Leicas cost so much more than other brands do.

Simply put.... a 40% "loss" on a Nikon is a LOT LESS money lost than a 20% "loss" on a Leica.

There are many good reasons to buy a Leica, but "a good investment" isn't one of them. At least not unless you are buying classic collectible Leicas at very good prices, holding them for a few years, and then selling them. And even in that case, you might be better off buying a mutual fund as an investment instead. Or some Apple or Amazon shares,

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