Further issues with the AF on the RX10 iv

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Further issues with the AF on the RX10 iv

Today I gave the RX10 mk4 a really good workout, but I am still having issues with the autofocus. What I am hoping to achieve with this thread is this, are my AF issues typical, or do you think I have a problem with the camera. First off, my main issue is that when using the "wide" setting (it also applies to the other wide setting with lock) and trying to shoot a bird against the sky, unless the bird is filling a good sized area of the frame, the focus will lose the bird and go straight to infinity, which makes any targets that take up less space in the frame a real challenge. What usually happens is that the focus will pick them briefly (too quick to take a shot) and immediately looses focus. I missed a number of shots today because of that happening. I'm attaching a shot of some ducks that it did manage to take, but there were times when some of these ducks were a bit closer (and therefore bigger in the frame) and the camera's AF system lost them. I might add that this happened with quite a few other birds, that while not filling the frame, I felt that the AF should have been able to "see" them. By the way, I have tried having the focus limiter both on and off and it made no difference.

Secondly, I have been trying to pre-focus, as I usually do when taking birds in flight and about 50% of the time, the camera won't focus on the spot I am aiming it at. It will focus with one or two half presses of the shutter, but by then, the opportunity usually has been missed. This is still using the wide setting.

I know that in the past, some have suggested I use Flexible Spot Large, but even the largest size is way too small to make it easy to keep on the subject, plus I am usually using a zoom longer that 600mm, so that setting isn't available once you go beyond 600mm.

I am finding this really frustrating and now have absolutely no confidence in getting in-focus birds in flight from this camera.

Not a great shot, but at least the camera focused on the subjects. Quite a few attempts at getting the same species of birds in flight, closer than this, failed.

Just to show that the AF does work. In this case the bird filled more of the frame.

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