Don't Expect the Z to be the 'Be All & End All'

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Don't Expect the Z to be the 'Be All & End All'

Wow.. a lot of Z hating and loving. There is no one camera that will be the 'be all & end all' for everyone. That's pretty much why most of us here have multiple cameras and maybe even systems. Most of my photography is what I would call 'Contemplative Photography', meaning walk around, examine a scene, search for the best composition, set the camera up the way I want to shoot the scene.. i.e. B&W + RAW, some special scene mode + RAW, etc. and then take a few photos. I rarely shoot sports and action but for those situations, I have a different system.

Street, Night, Architecture & Walking Around: for me, the Z6/24-70 is perfect for that. There is something special about the Z files.. smooth, easy to edit and dare I say, quite film like. I love that I can do 4K time lapse video in camera. Love the files and great JPGs like the Olympus EM1-II, I shoot RAW 'just in case' but rarely sue the RAW files. Can't wait for the 20mm F1.8 for night wide and getting into astro.

Sports, Extended Range, WA: For this, I have the Olympus EM1-II, the Olympus 12-100 F4 Pro {equiv 24-200}, Panasonic Leica 8-18 F2.8-4 {16-36 equiv} and Panasonic Leica 15mm F1.7 {30mm equiv}.. PL 50-200 {100-400 equiv} on the way. As above, JPGs are great and rarely use the RAW but they are there just in case. Although good, the Z file are something special.

FWIW, the Z6/24-70 is about the same weight as the EM1-II & 12-100. Tough call going out with one camera and either fits into my Peak Sling 5L. In good light, the EM1-II combo and for more critical shooting, the Z6. Favouring the Z6 right now as its new. Hell, I can carry both systems with the PL 8-18 in my Peak Messenger 13.

Take the Z for what it is, not what you expect it to be. If it works for you, great, have fun, if not, move on and wait for a Z9 or whatever the second gen brings. It's all about the right tool for the right job. Looking forward to the S 20 F1.8 and eventually a 70-200 F4. In the interim, the two systems provides great choice for me. Blessed to have both. There is NO one 'Be All & End All' camera.

Happy shooting! M.

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