Am I having issues with my D600 vs D80?

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Am I having issues with my D600 vs D80?

Odd question, I know, but I was hoping maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

I learned how to shoot manually on my dad's old D80. I felt like I was getting pretty good at mastering all the knobs and how to use them. I decided to upgrade to FX and went with the new entry-level D600 (at the time). It seems like everything I learned makes my pictures bad. Don't get me wrong, if I shoot enough and with the help of Lightroom, they look awesome, but with my D80, I could shoot less, edit less, and I feel like they were the same.

Here's my Flickr account:
Everything in the beginning is my D600, from the orange on the keyboard on is my D80 (some of it's just random dog shots, so y'know, don't expect all that stuff to look great, whereas I picked the greatest from my D600 to upload).
From what I can tell, these are the issues I'm having with my D600 that I didn't have before.

  1. My temps seem to always be off (even if I put it on auto or choose a temp for the day/shot)
  2. Things always seem either out of focus or really harsh (like it's too sharp). I have tried all different kinds of settings, even to the point of resetting it all and putting it on auto, just to see the difference between the two, or manual with specific settings.
  3. I have tried different lenses (I currently own a 50 prime and a 28-300 - both Nikon), and even tried my DX lenses and vice versa.
  4. The colors never seem vibrant or rich regardless of the settings I choose. With the D80, no matter the lens, colors just popped before I touched them up at all.
  5. With the D80, my LR edits consisted of temp (make it more warm) and maybe some black (make some things pop). With my D600, I have to adjust exposure, temp, a lot of the white/black/contrast, etc just to mimic what I see with my D80.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have side-by-side pictures, but can try to get some this weekend. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Is it just me having to learn a whole new, more techy camera and I haven't gotten there yet?
Thank you for any feedback.

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