Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

SarahTerra wrote:

Also the D500 is not some end all be all perfect camera,

Of course not.

it has serious limitations in connectivity,

"serious" depends on the use-case, although I as many others want WiFi without snapbridge.

flash control

?  It's CLS IR plus the wireless thing with the SB-5000, which, while expense, apparently works well.  I actually like managing the flash with the back of the screen, although not all do.  And the Godox system works fine with it.

battery life

Is good to great.

and contrary to popular belief.... autofocus.

Autofocus is near-telepathic.  Anyone struggling with it needs more practice and/or understanding of the system.

Nonetheless i still feel despite it's limitations it is the best overall DSLR for sport and wildlife on the market when size, cost, weight and performance are all considered.


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