Fuji 56mm f1.2 or 16-55mm f2.8?

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Re: Fuji 56mm f1.2 or 16-55mm f2.8?

charley5 wrote:

Hi Everyone:

I am new to Fuji cameras and lenses and I am having difficulty deciding between these two lenses. Mostly it will be used for travel photography. I take posed street shots. In my last photo excursion I took pictures of children at a slum in New Delhi and previous to that I took pictures of gypsy road workers in an encampment in a small Himalayan town. As I say, all were posed. I am less interested in spontaneous street shots.

My considerations:

The 16-55mm gives me a flexible focal range, is very sharp relative to other zoom lenses, and I can use it for the occasional landscape shots as well. Unfortunately it is heavy and thus less attractive as a travel lens.

The 56mm is a superb lens that is a little less heavy than the aforementioned zoom, and delivers excellent and natural quality. Downside is that in some situations I would like to have the flexibility of a zoom lens, particularly in my location relative to the subject, and in terms of the amount of background I wish to include.

Any thoughts? I am sure there are people who use these lenses and have opinions regarding the above.



If you are almost exclusively taking people shots in situations where subject isolation would be either helpful or a major requirement, then the 56/1.2 would be sort of a no-brainer.  However, for travel — particularly if you plan any other sorts of travel related photography as well — then the 16-55 would give you far more flexibility.  Unless all of your shots are staged, where you have control over subject distance, background, etc., travel photography often requires a range of different focal length, depending on the situation.  A fast zoom like the 16-55 is almost perfect for those situations.

Both lenses have some substance to them, with the 16-55 being about 50% heavier at 655g vs. 405g.  Having used both, I’m not sure I found the difference to be all that noticeable, but that’s an individual preference thing and something you’d have to judge for yourself by handling both lenses.  As primarily a zoom shooter, particularly for travel, the 16-55 would clearly be (and is) my choice for its versatility, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to your own preferences and needs.

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