Sony RX100 IV vs Pan Lumix LX 100 Mark I

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Re: Sony RX100 IV vs Pan Lumix LX 100 Mark I

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Been researching for a travel camera, narrowed down to those two.

They seem somewhat similar to be, but maybe I’m missing something or don’t know the nuances about how each works. These nuances tend to be subjective, such as lack of touchscreen, thought not always.

As much as I’d love to own the Lumix GX8 with tilting EVF, not sure I can justify the cost given I’d need to buy a lens for it. Don’t like the GX 85, nor GX9

I’ll shoot landscape, and various day/night city scenes of historical significance.

Any input appreciated

I've purchased an RX100M3 and (2) RX100M4 cameras attempting to replace my pocket camera (S120.)

The M3 and the first M4 both had funky lenses. Very soft just away from center at wide, zoom in and it sharpens up toward edges but center goes soft. They did this throughout the range. In short, junk lenses. The second M4 I bought had a better lens, just somewhat soft across the frame at wide. I used it for 2 months and just never liked it. Fiddly little critter. I sold it.

The LX100 is not what I'd call pocketable. If that doesn't bother you, I believe it's a better, much more likable and user-friendly camera.

Interesting- how was Lumix more user friendly?

Read reviews of the cameras. Better yet, handle both of them.

Better yet, don't assume I haven't done either.

I did read some reviews before posting, and crazy as it sounds, I actually have held both cameras many times before posting, ya, crazy idea I know.

I asked the question because I wanted another person's viewpoint obviously, what a crazy idea that was.

So - it was a trick question.  You got me.  Congratulations.

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