Sierra to Mojave. Any real issues with LR Classic and PS.

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Re: Stuck in the past? Getting nervous.

nbirkett wrote:

This thread has departed away from the OP's original question But, to follow up the sub-thread question from Erik: why do you need to upgrade your system at all?

You have a very old computer and software but it seems to be serving your needs quite nicely. Rather than trying to upgrade to an version of MacOS that is still very old, why not just keep using what you have now? Just make sure you have back-ups of your photos, etc. in case the old hardware decides to pack it in.

Do you have to upgrade to the latest Chrome? If not, that might remove the main pressure to upgrade the OS.

Alternatively, if you do plan to upgrade, you might be better off looking at a new 21" iMac or a refurbished one from 2-3 years ago. Apparently, PSE 12 will still run under the latest MacOS (Mojave) if you do the following:

Go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Accessibility, and check Photoshop Elements 12.

It will likely cost a bit more to go this route. But, you are likely yo have much less aggravation getting things to run smoothly. And, you will end up with a faster computer, with a much better display and a warranty.

YES. I do apologize for leading the thread astray.

But, yeah, it looks like I WILL need the newest version.............

I've been looking at alternative browsers.................. :

There appears to be a trend, here......... just sayin'

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