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repeat info

Ushatai wrote:

Hi golfhov, thank you for your reply!

Glad you confirmed the A7 II over A7R. I've checked the Tamron and though 24-28 might seem insignificant, it may be actually a game changer.

understood. Those 4mm are a big deal if they matter. That right there is enough.

Also it is not that sharp in the corners, also has much more CA.

it does have more CA but this is typical of faster lenses. It obviously doesn't match the 24-70 G BUT it is a third the price. The corners aren't too bad and don't compare them both wide open. The 24-1105 is 4 so just stop the 2,8 down because you CAN. You cannot open the 24-105 up for the extra stop. Make sense?

With the sencond lens - I feel trapped because I don't have profound touch for different lenghts on FF. is it 50mm for shallow DOF or 35mm? or even 85mm? Really feeling lost in this. The zoom can provide me "all in one" but with lower speed. Dead end.

it isn't a "dead end". It is an unknown. Between 35 and 85 the FOV is SOOOOOOO different that counting the DOF on a chart is an all wrong way of looking at things. You need to think about what you are actually creating. Sorry that is a repeat from the other post but I cannot stress it enough

Thanks for your opinion on 24-70 f4 ZA.

Yes, I have to learn a lot but I am excited to start this journey and that is always good sign, no discouragement here

DSLR's are big and I need lighter equipment for travel. A7 II with 24-105 f4 would be around 1 kilogram. And both have stabilization. I was checking other brands but came up with the same result everytime. Big and heavy.

here is one of the lightest FF dslrs.,380.595,ha,t

It is 20% more. It also looks a similar size from the top down but if you handle both or just look at different angles you will see the a7ii is less bulky too.

Yes, I thought it is like you write in the experiment. Thanks again for confirming!


good luck again

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