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Re: Who advised you ...A trip down memory lane

my Dad

He bought a Nikon F in 1960 (after wearing out a post WW2 Argus C3), I bought a Nikormat FT in 1965 after seeing the quality of the 50mm f2 Nikkor.

Since then I have owned Nikkormat FT and FTn, Dads Nikon F, a Nikon EL, a Nikon FE,

2 FE2's, 2 Nikon 8008's << if digital hadn't come out I would still be shooting with those.

Then a D100, 2 D300's and now a D500.

I sold the Nikon F with a plain prism and waist level finder at the height of its used nostalgia value and sold, traded or given as a gift all the rest except for 1 very beat up but still usable Nikkormat FT and the 8008's. Which I'm holding on to, just in case digital is a mere fad and doesn't last!

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