Loxia, what's next, 135mm?

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Re: Loxia, what's next, 135mm?

BBQue wrote:

I was hoping for a Loxia 28mm, but with the 25mm just released that hope has been crushed.

Loxia 35 and Loxia 50 are based on old optical formulas and could be updated to mark ii lenses, but chances also seem slim to none.

Otherwise, I think we are done with the Loxia line. Longer lenses make no sense, even 85mm is already hard to focus manually.

the 85mm is not hard to MF at all, I regularlly use my Zeiss 135 APO on my D850 with the stock focusing screen, and not to mention how easy to do that on the A7R II, now I also have a cheap Samyang 135 on my Sony platform, my next lens will likely be the Manual focus  Milvus 85 1.4  ZF.2, I will be using it on both Nikon and occasionally Sony platform when not shooting portrait with the 85GM, as long as the target is not moving fast, I found no issue doing MF. for example, stage performance, and model standing  relatively still, I have been using MF for over 20 years for those type of application and still doing it today.

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