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golfhov wrote:

MedMhand wrote:

Hello everyone,

I already own a Canon 80D but after 1 year and half, I touched the limits of my camera

can you be specific how so? Obviously two of the features list below are missing

and also needs a second camera for my mini cooking video studio, so if you can help find the best camera with the following specifications:

- 4K Shooting

- Good for doing slow-mo

howw many FPS and do you want that in conjunction with the 4k?

- Good for landscape photography

- Good for astrophotography (Milky way photography)

I do not know how you are shooting your current stuff but your 80D is a good camera for both categories.

I have a little preference for a full frame camera but if a non full frame can do the job then no problem.

will this camera be used in conjunction with your current camera? This gets a little complicated by Canon not really offering much in the way of video and the least expensive 4k cameras are 4/3 where you will have lens compatibility issues. Also the smaller sensored cameras that are ideal for video don't tend to shine as much in an extreme like astro.

Oh and my budget is 2000€ (You guess it I'm from Austria)

Thanks in advance

Sorry i don't have a direct answer but it seems like your equipment can take divergent paths. Maybe a 4/3 with a speedbooseter to cover your first two points and then a new lens to cover your fourth(and third but I feel like standard landscape should probably already be covered by your 80d)

good luck

Thanks for your answer.

I'm keeping my 80D and buying a more capable Lens for the landscape and Astrophotography.

I need 4K for outdoor shooting, but the slow mo only in FullHD for my cooking channel.

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