We're So Sorry Scotland

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Re: We're So Sorry Scotland

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Not sure why she apologising.

Scotland voted to remain property of England, didn't it?

It did, but the media etc are bias to keeping some folks in their box, that is changing especially recently...The propaganda we were hit with was exemplary, and many still believe the BBC and newspapers...

Or, perhaps, it was a nationwide bout of genetically predetermined stockholm syndrome?

When you get butchered by the English for so long you have been naturally selected to become cowards. Whenever the real bravehearts got their heids chopped aff, shytebags lived on to keep breeding. Keep doing this for many generation and u get a country full a nancies that donny ken that independence is best for them.

Yup, and yup mate. It was a win until the last minute lies came out it would appear so anyway. Watch this space. It's changed up here big time now.

The people you know are telling you that. They all say they will vote independence.

But once in the safety and anonymity of the voting booth, deep down you know what the Scotsman is really going to vote for.

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

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