The biggest mystery of the E-M1X

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Re: Are photographers blind?

The door could be for a SIM card (it would help the GPS to work better, and also perhaps to transfer the photos to "Olympus Cloud").

drj3 wrote:

pannumon wrote:

Who thinks the photo of the camera at front is NOT photoshopped?

That image is 0.2Mpix. If you think it looks authentic, I can assure that you don't need hand-held hi-res mode.

I don't think it is photoshopped, but it is not a battery door. It is too small and the wrong shape. It looks like it could be a cover for access of the camera for repairs (at least no release is obvious).

Thank you for posting a better image! It looks totally different now.

The transition between the "integrated vertical grip" and the body just above the shutter release looked very much like it was stitched in the OP image. With higher resolution image I can see that they are from the same product.

Typically the leached images from Olympus are not fakes (this puzzled me a bit).

P.S. The original image I was referring was really blurry at 0.2Mpix at 100%.. The actual resolution seems more like 0.05Mpix or even lower...

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