Best camcorder for new parent <$750 USD

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Re: Best camcorder for new parent <$750 USD

I tried AFF with my GX85 shooting 4k and it does do a pretty good job of finding focus. Sometimes it will pulse, or hunt, but for kid videos, it would probably be okay. For people wanting to rely on AF, a camcorder with a smaller sensor would be preferable (smaller sensor = more depth of field), but then low light situations would create a very grainy image. The advantage of camcorders is that their AF is tuned for shooting video, and they have power zoom lenses, which are the features one would want for shooting casual video.

For the OP, I'd recommend a Samsung smartphone in a gimbal. Samsung uses dual pixel auto focus, like Canon's good cameras. Plus, the latest Samsungs have a dual aperture lens, going down to F1.5. I've found the S9's image quality in low light to match up with my GX85s with no grain problems in the Samsung footage, shooting in the ISO 1600 range with the kit lens on the GX85.

As the kid grows older, I'd look into the Fuji line of mirrorless cameras. Their new XT3 has AF that comes very close to the reliability of Canon's DPAF, and it has a touch focus feature that will glide to the new focus point at a speed determined by the user, rather than lurching into focus the way Panasonic cameras do after touch focus. The problem with the new XT3 is a lack of IBIS (although the kit lens does have OIS.) Their other mirrorless cameras aimed at video do have IBIS, (but the AF isn't as good) so it's assumed that the next XT model (XT4?) would probably have IBIS.

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