Sigma L-mount camera wishlist

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Re: Sigma L-mount camera wishlist

EricDN wrote:

Why no creating 3 cameras sharing the same body design?

sd Art: Full frame Merril design, high pixel count, low speed, low number of shots with 1 battery

sd Sports: Full frame Quattro design, moderate pixel count, high speed

sd Contemporary: APS-C quattro (or new) design, moderate pixel count, high speed.

Why not ? Because of development costs.

Also, there is a minimum batch size for the manufacture of sensors. If one of those models sells only a few copies, Sigma will be left with a lot of expensive and unusable sensors.

Anyway, a Sigma camera is never going to compete with a Panasonic on speed. It would be best to sell just what you call the Art model, which does have a unique selling proposition.

As for shots per battery, the sdQH gives you about 400, which is plenty; and you can add a battery pack if you really need one. (Perhaps for focus stacking on small items.)

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