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Re: Why it doesn't matter

riveredger wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

This means I can shoot at either f/1.2 or f/16 and get exactly the same amount of light onto the sensor and have the same amount of low noise...

Obviously we're talking about a light starved situation. If f/16 gets me a 1 second exposure and I'm handholding a 600mm lens or shooting a fast moving subject, your obvious and trivial statement is not relevant.

99% of my shooting is light starved.

Your original statement, the increasing DoF increases noise was, and will forever be simply wrong. There is no direct causation.

Of course there is. Stopping down causes less exposure, which necessarily results in less light from the same scene in the same time.

You have introduces additional variables to prove the point, but, well...no. *Only* if you're completely locked in to a specific shutter speed will that be true.

Which is, for all practical purposes, always.

  • Set your aperture for the DOF you need.
  • Set you shutter speed for the motion freezing you need.
  • Accept the noise you get.

If that's too much noise, accept a shallower DOF by using a faster aperture.


The backpedaling is strong with this one -Yoda

Unreal, isn't it? The original statement was "increasing DoF will increase noise."

Wrong then, wrong forever.

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