Looking for ideas. Portable, inflatable camera float

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Re: Looking for ideas. Portable, inflatable camera float


timbazi wrote:

Did you find a solution yet? I was thinking something like ice packs, could then fill them with a bit of water/sand if needed

Since I don't have any dive trips scheduled and it's too cold in the lakes here now to want to go there, I've not made progress.

However, I really like the idea of making a stiff floating tray that I can plop the camera on at the beginning of a dive and can then toss back in the boat. I could glue some polystyrene bits and get it shaped to hold the rig ahead of time. I'd have to have a way of making it small enough to pack in a suitcase too. Perhaps something that has a 'fitted tray' to hold the camera coupled with some simple inflatable parts to provide adjustable buoyancy and easy packing.

https://www.backscatter.com/group/Stix-Buoyancy-Floatyou could make something like these from those kids pool tube thingies?

[edit]: I was checking also some other floating devices and came across one called "baby neck float" see if any of those could make into it

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