Is chapters possible on a video file

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Re: Is chapters possible on a video file

a7sastro wrote:

Brisn5757 wrote:

Adrian Tung wrote:

Found this for you:

Thanks Adrian for your help.
I'll look further into the advice given in the link you provided.

All I need now is a app that will accept chapters in a file.


As a different solution to your requirement,

I often needed to find video points of interests (athletics) and after identifying them,

needed a video player that I could easily jump to the start of the clip of interest.

My original solution I built in Adobe Flash,

but I recently update with just a little html5/javascript and built a html file that I can customize for every video,

just needing to alter a string of the different start points to the chapters.

The theory is telling the video playhead to jump to the specific timecode before starting to resume play. Very simple without need for any script libraries....

The utility is the html file can be played in any browser that supports local file on-device opening (just put the mp4 file in the same folder as html file(no metadata in video file needed), as one can enjoy the feature locally without any internet connection....

For example

the code below (replace "namehere.mp4" with the video filename and replace currentTime=20 with the number of seconds into video for your first chapter)

Copy the code into notepad and save as .html............

Make sure the html file and video are in same folder.

Open the html file with browser.

If interested in this method I can explain more. You could also duplicate the html file many times and just change the currentTime= for each and then name each file with the name of the chapter, so that clicking on the html file would play the clip from the starting time.....

See below for code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="video_window">
<video id="the_video" height="720" width="1280">
<source src="namehere.mp4">
var clip
function startPlayer(){
clip = document.getElementById("the_video");

clip.currentTime =20;;

window.onload = startPlayer;


Thanks a7asatro.

I didn't think that was possible. At least you don't have to buy software to do this.

I'll have a think about doing it this way and perhaps get back to you.


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