NEFs are darker and more yellowish in C1 than NX-D

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Re: NEFs are darker and more yellowish in C1 than NX-D

Toermalijn wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

NX-D is probably applying any camera setting such as image profiles like Portrait, Landscape, etc. plus camera settings for WB, Contrast, Sharpness, etc.

I don't use C1 so I don't know if it is doing the same but I doubt it.

Add in different RAW conversions and default image display settings and it is no surprise that the images look different between the two programs.

Add to that that every camera sensor has color biases and every lens has a color tint. Auto WB rarely gets the WB right. Every RAW converter produces different initial images. Few monitors show correct colors, but they should be color calibrated if you want the colors to be even reasonably close. These are all just basic facts of life.

Why not stop the color problem completely?

Shoot a ColorChecker target, do a color correction and set the WB based on that image and you solve all your color problems. You have an image with colors as close to matching those of the subject as possible. Of course that is when your inner artist takes over and... well I'll leave that to your inner artist.

X-Rite has recently announced that you can now use their ColorChecker targets to create a camera/lens color correction profile for C1.

DPReview - X-Rite launches beta version of its custom ICC profiling tool with Capture One support

X-Rite: EODIS3 : i1Display Pro

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport – X-Rite Photo – X-Rite Passport


only brand software can read special/specific camera settings and adjust accordingly. No 3rd party converter can read those settings.

Whitepoint conversion should also be much better with brand software, as they exactly know how to convert.

If by Whitepoint conversion you mean setting the WB then that is only a tiny part of what is needed to get the image colors as close to matching the original subject colors.  It is basically setting up a calibration curve for each color based on a single measured point, and a single point calibration simply can't be accurate.

You need multiple points to get good a color calibration, and that is basically with happens with a ColorChecker target and the appropriate software.

Every camera has color biases and every lens has a color tint. Add in different color temperatures, color purity of the light, and different raw converters and it is always amazing that the image produced by any raw converter has colors that are even half way close to those of the subject.

If you want colors that are as close as possible to those of the original subject then you need to use a color calibration for your each camera with each lens and you need to set the correct WB.

What always surprises me is that the different camera makers wind up choosing to have different color casts in their out of camera images or RAW converter software produced images.  As far as I can see the resulting images are driven by a Marketing Division that knows most people prefer images that are too contrasty, too saturated, and with a "pleasing" color cast.

Here is a DPReview link to what one photographer did to try and make Nikon and Sony skin tones match before he finally gave up and decided that there was no reason to do this since he always lets his inner artist make the final changes to colors/tones.  Of course all he really had to do is use a good ColorChecker target based camera/lens calibration, which is quick, easy, and always gives your inner artist correct colors to start from.

Video: How Canon and Sony handle skin tones and how to correct them

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