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Apple with the new iPad Pros 11” and 12.9”

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The 6s has a 5MP front camera.

Thanks for the correction. iPhone 6 has a 1.2MP camera and iPhone 6s has a 5MP front camera.

The 6s was a descent jump in terms of camera performance for both the front a rear camera. Sadly the SE only inherited the 6s rear camera and kept the older iPhone 5s front camera. The 6s still fetches descent coin for this reason. The 6 on the other hand in my opinion was Apples most hardware buggy phone to be released. The bendgate combined with faulty touch controller made this phone the least durable.

In hindsight I should have got one 6s or 6s Plus but when Apple announced their XS, XS Max and XR they dropped the 6s models and SE. Those 6s models and SE were the last ones to have the headphone jacks on them. I have yet to encounter CPU throttling on my SE.

I had the SE and the 4" phone size I wanted so I didn't pay attention to the camera thinking, since the SE and 6s had much in common, the camera must have been similar, not 5MP vs 1.2MP.

Ahh so headphone jack seems to be essential for you ;). Cpu throttling will only occur when the battery health drops below a certain health threshold.

I always knew the SE had the very much inferior front camera compared to the 6s, but knew this had to be the case since the entire front of phone, digitizer, LCD, touch id,camera and speaker mics was taken directly from the 5s with no variation in parts. The only upgraded parts was in the rear with the new 6s SOC, rear camera and improved battery all while keeping fitting into a formfactor of a 5s. The cost cutting recycle of the 5s front would be one of the reasons the SE was available at such a competitive price when first released! At the time I upgraded to the SE, I was still in love with the iPhone 5 formfactor. Come 2018 I upgraded to an X but when looking back the SE was still the better designed and better looking phone.

They have recreated the 5s/SE design for the new 12.9” and 11” iPad Pros. Not getting those at the moment. Maybe next year. The new iPad Pros on video can be bent with bare hands. BendGate agaiin?

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