Oly 150-400mm - Going the distance - getting above 1000mm

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Oly 150-400mm - Going the distance - getting above 1000mm

So, its cold and snowing outside and I sat down with a warm beverage, thinking of the rumored Olympus 150-400mm lens that is expected to come out next week and thought I'd do a little back of the envelope calculation.

Objective: get to above 1000mm field of view with brightest aperture (exposure, NOT equivalent dof), reasonable weight and cost - while maintaining good AF.

Usage: photographing small birds (static mainly, BIF is a plus) using a camera system that's also good for general use (mirrorless preferred).

Reference (Didn't consider the 150-600mm+1.4 as f-stop is high):

Canon 7Dii + 600mm f4+1.4x (1344mm at f5.6) Wt: 4185g/9.2lbs Price: $14.8k

Nikon D500 + 600mm f4+1.4x (1260mm at f5.6) Wt:4860g/10.7lbs Price: $14.6k

Neither of these are realistic options (just saying)...

Contender*s* (gripped):

Fujifilm X-T3 + 100-400mm+2.0x (1200mm at f11) Wt: 2360g/5.2lbs Price:$4180

EM-1.2 + 150-400mm (f4 or f4.5)+1.25x (1000mm @ f5 or 5.6) Wt:(1000+X)g/(2.2+x)lbs Price: $2300+Y

EM-1.2 + 150-400mm (f4 or f4.5)+1.4x (1120mm at f5.6 or 6.3)

EM-1.2 + 150-400mm (f4 or f4.5)+1.25x +1.4x (1400mm at f7.1 or 8)

My best guess/hope is that the rumored 150-400mm lens will be an f4.5 lens to hit a size and cost sweet spot, while leaving the current 300mm f4 brighter. Now, Assuming a 95mm filter size and that it weighs about as much as sigma 150-600mm C lens, that comes in around 2000g/4.4lbs and if the cost is even double that of the 300mm f4, that would be around $5000 (hopefully less than that though).

For an estimated total kit weight of ~3000g/ 6.6lbs and estimated cost ~$7.3k. This would be a whole 1200-1800g/ approx 2.5-4lbs lighter than a CaNikon kit and half the cost. Fuji would have been a contender, but lacks the glass at the moment. The Olympus kit would be a bonus because its a zoom, lighter and has IBIS which makes it relatively hand-holdable. Now if you add the EM-1x with latest AF it would probably exceed the performance of anything else out there.

Considering just the birding community (look up the cost of a Swarovski or Zeiss spotting scope and binoculars). The lens should see reasonably good sales. Warblers anyone? Now we just have to wait another week or so to find out if Olympus feels the same way

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