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Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

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If you make a camera that has options to satisfy every photographer you have a muddle. I love my GR, but it tries to be too many different things.

I have a GR and a Leica X2 generally feel that the Leica is a lot easier to use and is a lot more basic in its controls, but I do like that I can dedicate a button to shift the point of focus on the GR and the Leica

I feel the same way about the Sigma DP2Quattro. Very clear and simple to use. The GR tries to do too much.

No. GR let you choose how to use the camera. Set the buttons and wheels as YOU like it and use that. Nothing dumb about that. Leica is Other cameras are dumb, if you cannot configure it.

Sigma dp2Quattro is so well-out that it doesn't need to be configured*.

I don't know the Sigma, but I do know that the GR is used in so many different ways, that would not be possible to satisfy with one simple configuration.

Using bold, CAPS and strike-through doesn't necessarily

using bold in this forum is usually to highlight which part of a message is being answered to
i made a mistake in the initial posting of the message so i went back to strike out my mistake

make your preferences for user-customisation the best (or only) route for good interface design.

don't know what you mean with that

GR2's menu system is still feels like a complicated mess for those who don't wish to build their own camera.

Yes, I agree that the menu system is a mess. That's one of the reasons I love all the buttons. Once they are setup I can forget about it.

The idea that easy-to-use cameras should be described as 'dumb' pretty misleading and unnecessarily critical of those who prefer another simpler interface design paradigm.

Well, the "dumb" sentence came out a bit bold, but the intention was to say, that if you have two similar devices, one configurable and one fixed, then I consider the flexible one the smarter device.

*even admitting that the GR2 is still better in the physical ergonomic design.

Edit: Forgot to address the capital you. It was to make it clear that settings are individual. I could have used italics in stead or nothing at all. Words are words.

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