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Re: More dead?

greenmanphoto wrote:

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David Lal wrote:

brianric wrote:

In five years I could be dead or more ...

I am struggling to understand the concept of 'more dead' - for me it is too early in the morning for such difficult ideas!

Brian, I hope you are not in as bad a way as your post indicates but anyway, I agree with you, if one has the money, yes, buy or do whatever gives pleasure (although, I have to confess, I am pretty frugal).

I'm 69 and in poor health. I have advancing Parkinson's, A-Fib, and I'm a type 2 diabetic. I'm the only one (so far) in my family who has not had cancer, Mother, father, brother died of cancer, two sisters had breast cancer. I and both sisters tested positive for brca 2 cancer gene mutation.


Sorry to hear of your health issues. Best of luck to you, in whatever form that may need to take.

Take care, enjoy photography and life while you can,


I intend to, Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's; more and likely had it three years prior. In 2017 I shot 85,000 pictures, delivered 16,000 to my clients (volunteer charity photographer). Last year I shot 100,000 pictures and delivered 25,000 to my clients, Mind you that Parkinson's is slowing my mobility dramatically.

I shoot for American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, MS, Autism Speaks, National PTSD Foundation, and Ambassador Christian Academy in Glassboro NJ sports, events and Church photographer. All of my clients accommodate with me on my disabilities. One client, Fairless Hills PA Relay for Life will hold up their various activities to wait until I can get into position to get the shot. They even eliminated the "ribbon shot" where I has to climb up the stadium stairs and lean over to get the shot. I offered to let someone else to use my camera to get the shot. Their response was they only want "my shots", so even if I have to use a walker rollator to get around I intend to keep shooting their Relay for Life as long as God lets me. Here is what I'm taking about the "ribbon shot".

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