Still worth buying a new D500?

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Re: Still worth buying a new D500?

Mark A wrote:

I’ve been holding off on getting one, but would really like to. Figured that two years after launch the cost would have dropped a lot.

But, the D500 has been out for over two years. And, the price hasn’t dropped much. Think Nikon will release an upgraded version? Or drop the price?

Is it worth buying one new now?


If you're waiting fro a cheap deal on a new camera, hold off longer.  After all, if the low price is your main goal, by this holiday season 2019 I'm sure the price will drop below the D750 price or be at least the same price as the D750.  You've waited this long, a few more months or years will save you some money.

With mirrorless being the new standard for what Nikon is trying to achieve, I highly doubt there will be any more DSLRs made.  One sure way to know is look at photokina and CES to see if Nikon is making any ground breaking presentations of new DSLRs for 2019 or 2020.  If you don't see the hype on the Nikon rumors, it's unlikely DSLR will continue.  
But the good news is, if you like the Nikon brand, and have invested in it, Nikon should come out with a pro DX mirrorless as their first flagship DX mirrorless in a year or 2.  But, as you know, nobody gets it right the first time.  So you can expect the new flagship DX to have major improvements over their first line of Z cameras in performance.  And, by then they should have a few fast f/2.8 zooms out too.  
But they will be pricy,  And you'll need to wait or save up for at least 3 to 5 years before you can afford one.  Or until the price drops enough for it to be an option.  Hey, but you made it this far waiting, a few more years won't hurt to save a few hundred bucks.

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